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KoenaConcepts Inc

A Pan-African company providing innovative technology solutions to socio-economic challenges.

KoenaConcepts (PTY) LTD

A Pan-African company providing innovative technology solutions to socio-economic challenges.

who we are

Founded by Aubrey Malebo Ndiza in 2014, KoenaConcepts is a Pan-African company providing innovative technology solutions for socio-economic challenges in Africa.

We have exceptional experience providing innovative technology solutions for organizations in various industries such as Financial Services, FinTech, Public Sector, Non-profit, Tourism and Retail across African countries such as South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya & Ghana.

Our exceptional Specialty Services & Solutions are:

  • Digital Strategy
  • SpanLula
  • DigiMall
  • MCAP
  • HawkEye
  • ISO 9001

Our Solutions

We specialize in providing the following innovative technology solutions.

Digital Strategy

We help businesses sell & market efficiently online by offering Website or eCommerce development, Email Setup, Corporate Identity, as well as Social Media setup, automation and management.

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We are "Bridging the Digital Skills Gap" in Africa with SpanLula, our online Learning platform granting youth from townships & rural areas access to technology skills training & job opportunities.

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DigiMall is an e-Commerce Digital Marketing tool for Brick-and-Mortar Retailers to sell, advertise and market their products across multiple online marketplaces all from one multi-channel digital marketing platform.

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The Mzansi Climate Action Platform enables young people aged 13-20 from the townships and rural areas of South Africa to engage and collaborate on Climate Action Initiatives.

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A surveilance, facial recognition & biometric technology that uses AI, ML & human behavior patterns to predict potential incidents as well as provide actionable prevention and response measures.

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ISO 9001

As ISO/IEC 9001 Lead Implementers, we provide organizations with Continous Improvement Specialty services. We also provide access to ISO 9001 Lead Implementer training and certification.

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